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NAZCARE, Inc. supportive housing provides safe, substance-free, affordable, and well-maintained housing facilities which encourage and support recovery programs, services and personal development.

NAZCARE, Inc. supportive housing offers a variety of quality housing and wrap-around recovery support services and life skills that are responsive to individual needs, preferences and lifestyles, as well as their overall integration into the community. Supportive housing combines affordable housing and recovery support services as a cost-effective way to help adults live more stable, productive lives. Supportive housing works well for adults facing challenges.

Issues may include: Mental health disorders, substance use, substance abuse, or other serious challenges to a successful life. Supportive Housing is coupled with recovery support services, job training, life skills training, alcohol and SMART recovery. Supportive housing is intended to be a successful solution that helps adults recover and succeed while reducing the overall cost of care. NAZCARE, Inc. has housing through out Arizona. These private housing programs wrap recovery services around people with Peer Support, Support Groups, In-Home Living Skills, Life Skills and Job Readiness Program. We work to build a network of support and create an environment of success for all individuals to move in a positive direction on the Pathway to Recovery.


General Qualifications:

  • Person diagnosed with a serious mental illness by a behavioral health professional
  • Low income, i.e., SSI, SSDI, etc.
  • Good history of ability to maintain the unit in a decent, safe condition
  • Maintains substance-free living

Required Criteria

  • Peer is stable
  • Peer is independent in self administration of medication
  • Peer is ambulatory
  • Peer is independent in activities of daily living

Getting Started in Housing

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Submission Requirements:

  • Referral from Case Manager for Center Services & ISP

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