Majesty Manor Permanent Housing - Prescott Valley, Arizona

Majesty Manor is a community-based, permanent model living facility by ADOH. Each resident enjoys the comfort and privacy of their own unit.

Residents learn valuable life skills from personal and financial to social skills using a best practice life skills curriculum developed by NAZCARE. Residents are involved in recovery and wellness support services at New Hope Wellness Center.

This community-based approach allows for wrapping recovery and support services around residents. This formula spells success.

Property Features

  • Apartment style housing complex featuring 10 stuio units with a living room/bedroom, bathroom, full kitchen, and fully fenced backyards.
  • Residents share a community patio/meeting area, BBQ area, and full on-site laundry room.
  • Each unit has it's own water heater and central heating & AC.
  • Property features modern styling with rocked landscaping, a paved parking lot with handicapped spaces and one parking space per resident, and on-site maintenance.