Your donation helps promote healthier communities by providing essential recovery and wellness support and housing to the most vulnerable and underserved adult population.

Donations to NAZCARE, Inc. support:

- Peer Recovery Support Services and Adult Life Skills
- Affordable supportive transitional and permanent housing
- Wellness education, coaching and support to promote better health
- Mental health education and outreach
- Training and basic employment training
- Peer support services in the crisis stabilization and in-patient clinics
- Year round Warm Line - Family Services

NAZCARE, Inc. is an Arizona qualifying charitable organization, 501(c)3 non-profit for individual income tax credit.

For more information on donating to a qualified charitable organization or for the list of QCOs, please visit:

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Center Wish Lists

Each Wellness Center has a wish list of things they would like in their respective center. Check out the center homepage to see what your local center needs.