POWER Wellness Center - Eagar, AZ

People Operating With EmpoweRment Wellness Center began as a satellite location in 2009, became one of the largest centers in the NAZCARE system by 2012, is located in the beautiful White Mountains of Eager, and serves the entire Round Valley. Additionally, POWER serves rural and frontier areas to promote recovery and reduce isolation, and incorporates the diverse recovery and wellness day program curriculum identified at all NAZCARE centers including member driven activities such as maintaining a gardening club, aquatic exercise, and outdoor appreciation. POWER works closely with a variety of community partners, and collaborates with Little Colorado Behavioral Health to provide individuals with quality wraparound services.

Services Offered and Specialty Programs

  • Recovery Support Services
  • Integrated Wellness
  • Adult Life Skills
  • After Care Services
  • Adult Family Services
  • VA Choice Program
  • Training
  • Supported Employment