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Roberta Howard, CEO (928) 442-9205 ext. 3 Fax: (602) 535-3230 rhoward@nazcare.org


I would like to welcome you to our website and thank you for your interest in NAZCARE. We are glad you stopped by and hope this website will answer some of the questions you or others may have about our organization's mission, vision, values and services. Please feel free to contact us at any time! If you are looking for community wellness centers, recovery services, supportive housing, career training, supportive employment; we would love the opportunity to speak with you. NAZCARE is a quality recovery organization. We are a Peer-Operated agency. Most of our employees are peers and family members. We seek to enhance wellness, promote recovery, reduce stigma and reach out to consumers throughout the United States. Join us in our journey of recovery and better whole health and reducing stigma in your community.


NAZCARE’S Peer Stabilization Program


NAZCARE, Inc. has spent a good deal of time working on a peer stabilization program which will lead to change in the crisis system in Arizona. NAZCARE drew upon Roberta L. Howard’s experience working in-patient facilities and peer support recovery services to design this model that is implemented in phases. The first phase is the implementation of peer support groups within psychiatric facilities to establish a connection to peer and natural supports for an in-patient client once they leave the facility. The peer staff from NAZCARE also helps to identify needs of a client at and after discharge and convey this to the social work staff in order to better meet the needs of a client and prevent and reduce recidivism rates. Phase to is the implementation of services at time of discharge and after discharge along with a huge re-engagement piece. NAZCARE peer staff follows up with phone calls and home visits to check on the safety and wellness of a client and any concerns in order to address issues in a timely manner and eliminate barriers that may lead to crisis and relapse. NAZCARE is located throughout rural Arizona and thus us able to handle out-of-area placements with the same support and services through the model. If you have any questions, please contact,

Roberta l. Howard at (928) 830-6116 rhoward@nazcare.org


NAZCARE Training Institute's Peer Employment Training Program


NAZCAREprovides the needed training and certification to become a Peer Support or Recovery Support Specialist. Our certificate is portable recognized by states through the US, Internationally and by the Veterans Affairs Administration. Trainings can be available for D/HH by a Deaf trainer who is fluent in ASL. NAZCARE’s program is an evidence-based program...read more(Click Here)


Difference between clinical peer services and peer run services

Peer services inside a clinical setting are to integrate peers into clinical setting in order to change the cultural of an organization to be more recovery oriented from recovery language to awareness to recovery needs through peer services.


Peer services by a peer run organization are to integrate peers into the community through a community-based peer services from socialization, citizenship, adult life skills, community integration and community services to reduce and live stigma free as an integrated member of the community. Peer runs allow a person to self-direct one’s recovery services and to have voice and choice in the recovery activities that occur at a peer run.



Peer services work in coordination of care along the continuum of care. A peer should not have one or the other but both.

Clinics and peer runs can bill for services on the same day – just NOT at the same time. Peer runs are block purchase and improve the CAP rate! Clinics may copy what we do in a clinical setting but the approach, methods and setting are NOT the same.



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